Long fingers, infected

A few more pictures sent in to us by readers (like you). thanks you for sharing your photos, it so helps others looking for ideas and comparisons on the internet and this website. there are some really nasty photos below. Please help and send in your photos.

Large toe on left foot with fungus damage.

Index finger on left hand showing singularly fungus growth.

We almost did not publish this as it is of poor quality. However, it does show a total breakdown of the nail bed on this finger.

Right hand, index finger is the only one with an infection.

Heavy damage from fungus infection to the thumb on the right hand.

Man with toe fungus nails

Some recent photos sent in by readers (send yours in, too!) that show fungus. This man went to a doctor and it was confirmed as fungus.¬† ¬†Onychomycosis to be exact. Good to know that this is a ‘for sure’ as some photos we receive – well, the sender doesn’t confirm what it is, which makes me to believe that most people don’t find out for sure, but they do go online and try to do research. Treatments are available, be sure to find out what you are treating.

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Fungus is Getting Better – Photos

Below are photos sent in by Fred recently. He says that his nails are improving with using Zetaclear, although it has taken 4 1/2 months for this improvement to show. He is proud that he could last this long in one treatment, but he was determined to make the most out of this method. AND he says he followed the instructions! (which state the results may take months).

Thank you Fred for sending in these photos. They are very good quality, you must have used a hi-rez camera, with really good lighting.

(Update: he didn’t, he just used a smartphone with a 8 megapixel camera! He says he was near a window with lots of natural light. It shows. Thank you! )