Fungus Photos

Laser treatment worth it?

​ From the mailbox recently:

“Worked on a car years ago  changing brakes hit it  nail came off, then was filled with  yellow color  after a while it turn  dry and wouldn’t  grow any more not too sure how bad it is and if it is worth laser treatment?”

Fungus on one finger.


Single index finger on right hand with fungus.

Single finger fungus.

Has anyone done laser treatment, and what were your results? People want to know! Us too!

Send in your photos for others to compare to .

Is there a cure? 1

This photo sent in recently, asking “Is there a cure?”

Is there a cure for nail fungus?

The only way to be sure that what you have IS toenail fungus or fingernail fungus is to see your doctor and send a sample in to a laboratory. Otherwise, comparing photos to what you have can be confusing. Are the photos showing the real thing? It would be nice to have a cure. Maybe some new medication or solution will come along in the near future…

What do you think? Have you found any product or method that can help cure this disease?

Send in your photos to , thanks!

Fungus on both feet, left and right 1

A reader recently sent in some photos of his toenail fungus, claiming that it has spread from on foot to the other. the fungus has been with him “for years”. These photos show both the right and left feet.

If you have some photos to share, please send them along. Others will appreciate comparing one photo to another. And if you have tried some cures, send in your conclusions, thanks.

Cutting Toenails video 1

We could have titled this “Cutting Toenails on a Sunny Day with the birds singing!”

Cutting toenails outside on a sunny day. Using nail cutters to remove excess nail length. These nail cutters seem dull on the left end.

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