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Depositphotos_18899299_xsThere are people in this world who simply don’t like feet. And then there are people who have problems with their feet. There’s a difference. Too often, we tend to neglect our feet. And that isn’t exactly fair, is it? Our feet do a lot of work for us. How else would we get around if it wasn’t for those feet of ours? Meanwhile, when it comes to taking care of ourselves, our feet are often neglected.

Be honest. Each time you’re in the shower, do you remember to wash between your toes? How about underneath your feet? Do you moisturize your feet after a shower? Do you remember to clip your toenails regularly? Not all of us can honestly say that we answer in the affirmative to all of the questions listed above.

But again, if you don’t like your feet, that’s not such a big deal. Toenail fungus, on the other hand… Neglecting our feet can cause major problems! Toenail fungus is contagious so if you’ve come into contact with spores and haven’t properly washed your feet and dried them carefully, you may have contracted a fungal infection.

But how can you tell the difference between neglected feet and infected feet? A blogger, known simply as Mia, from offers a few suggestions.

White, yellow or green patches of discolouration of the nails. You may have contracted toenail fungus if you notice a significant change in colour of your nails, typically near the edges. Pay careful attention to how much of a colour difference you’ve noticed and how quick it has changed from its normal shade. Mia also notes that if there are black spots in the nail, this is a cause for concern.

Painful or sore nails. Over and above the changing colour of your toenails, you’ll notice that they have started to feel different. And by different, we mean bad! If your toenail areas are in pain, there is a good chance there may be a fungal infection. Mia notes that you may also notice an inflammation, redness or swelling under and around your toenails if they are infected.

Funginix helps cure toenail fungus!

Funginix helps cure toenail fungus!

Foul odor. For people who don’t like feet, their smell is often at the top of the list for reasons why. It’s not your feet’s fault. After all, it’s often locked away underneath socks and shoes all day. After an entire day of walking around and being covered up, they’re bound to sweat. But feet with toenail fungus won’t carry around your average, everyday feet smell. If you notice a significant change in your foot odor, you may have toenail fungus.

Thickened nails. Your nails may not just change their colour, but they may change their texture as well. When you’ve contracted a toenail fungus infection, you may notice that your nails have become thicker. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve become harder though. Mia notes that your nails may begin crumbling at the edges or become distorted in shape.

For all of these reasons and more, there is a lot to be concerned about when you have toenail fungus. The news isn’t all bad, however. There is a very effective solution to the problem. Funginix is considered the most sophisticated and complete topical nail fungus treatment on the market today. It was created to eliminate all of the fungal agents that are known to attack your nails. For more information about this revolutionary fungus fighting formula, visit the Funginix website today!

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