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How to take good toenail pictures:

It’s difficult to take toe pictures and have them be in good focus. We can not show them if they are too-far-out-of-focus, and we have distressingly discarded some that were sent to us. Overall, no matter which camera you use, LIGHTING is the most important factor for better photos. And natural light (daytime outdoors or near a window) is best.mytoenailfungus-worse_small

Most people have Smartphones, which makes picture-taking easy and convenient. If you have a Smartphone, use the “back” facing camera, it’s far superior to the “selfie” front camera. The closest you can get and still have a crisp image with a Smartphone is about 3 inches (8 centimetres). Important! Don’t use the phone’s zoom feature, just move closer in to your toes! The photo will clearer if you move closer rather than using the zoom feature, which digitally zooms. You will get a better resolution photo when cropped, rather than using the phone’s zoom. You can crop an image for crisper resolution later. (We can do that for you after you send it in, don’t worry about it).

Most regular digital cameras today have good close-up capabilities
(usually shown as a ‘flower’), and most automatically switch to that when the subject (your toes) is aimed at. The advantage of using a digital camera is that you can instantly see the photo and if it is blurry, you can take another. We suggest taking 5 all at once, pick the best two, and discard the rest. Send us the best of course! Send to .

If you have a digital camera without a close-up lens, hold the camera about 3 feet away from your toes and use the highest resolution setting on your digital camera. If you have a regular film camera, get as close as you can with the lens you have. The usual closest you can get to take good toenail photos on a cheap camera is about 3-1/2 feet (1 meter). Use the flash if you are not super close, or alternately get over next to a bright window, or outside in the daylight. The picture can always be cropped (we can do that).

We can accept photo sizes up to 5 to 6 MB by email. We would really appreciate more photos of toenail fungus. Send yours over to , thank you.


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