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These toenail fungus photos were sent in to us to add to our collection, for all to see and compare with what you have yourself. If you have any fungus pictures to add please send to us. You can get credit for it, or we can leave your name off (the default is no name unless permission granted). Thanks to the many people who have sent in their photos; the site is growing! See the bottom of this page on how to add yours. If they aren’t very clear, I can not publish them – who wants blurry photos? Click some of the photos to see larger versions.

…your photo could be here! Send it in today, thank you.

Hi; Nails in the first page in the 14th rank are mine. I have taken that photo on august 2008. Then I started putting a little bleach on the base of the nail every morning and vinegar in the evening. It was getting better. I took these new photos on October 2008. I went on using till may 2009 and my nails were much better that I could go beach with sandals. Then after may, we moved to an other city, I had to live alone with my baby, I was so busy, tired and depressed so gave up of this remedy from may 2009. Now they are getting worser. I still have pink base but the upper side are getting thicker as before. I mean if you give time and attention, they can heal. I will try to start again. Bye
Added April 2010

This started about 2 months ago. At first I thought I sliced my toenail on something as there looks to be a cut in the nail. Then it started discoloring and now it’s starting to cause some discomfort. I have looked through a lot of photos but don’t see anything quite like it. What’s going on?

Thanks, Bob
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June 2010

There’s a fungus amongst us!!!
In December 2008 I went to a reputable salon and had both pedicure and manicures prior to the holiday season. After the holidays when I removed the polish from my toenails I noticed chalky white streaks on my large toenails. I thought at first it was a residue from the polish but with a thorough cleaning these streaks could not be removed. I took a closer look and discovered also a buildup of what looked like dead skin under that nail and the second nail on both feet. It occurred to me then that I had seen this 30 years ago when my grandmother lived at our house – I recognized this as a fungus. I looked online for treatments and saw that tea tree oil should work to kill it. My boyfriend does the shopping and couldn’t find tea tree oil so instead he bought me “Pro Clearz’. I have been using this for about a week and have not seen a noticeable difference.

Now after seeing your site and a few fingernail pictures I think I may have the same problem with my finger nails (in a very early stage). I thought my nails were a mess because of my work in the kitchen, now I realize it may be due ot the fact I got the fungus when I had my manicure/ pedicure and wearing latex or plastic gloves in the kitchen is compounding the problem. I am going to start using the “Pro Clearz” on my hands as well.

I will let you know how things turn out. L.J. June 2009

Thanks, we will be interested in hearing how you made out.

I’ve had it for years. First the athletes’ foot and then the toenail fungus. I have tried lamosil several times but not for over two weeks at a stretch. Feet look a lot better after that time, but it comes right back.
Looks like you have a combination of fungus on the nails and athlete’s feet between the toes. Get it checked out by your doc!

To: Subject: fungus pic
Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:02 PM

Here is a picture of my “fungus toe.” I finally went to the doctor, and will
start taking terbinafine for the next 12 weeks to make it go away. At least
that is my hope. Wish me luck! J.C. in Idaho.”

Thanks, J.C., it is amazing how one nail is soooo healthy and the other is sooo infected.


Story sent in, with no photo…
I had toe nail fungus for years and tried different remedys, non worked. then I remembered a remedy my grandmother told me about athletes foot , it cured the athletes foot in no time so I decided to try it on my toe fungus. in a few weeks I could see the difference, most people have it in there medicine cabnet , so basicaly its free. vics vapor rub. it worked for me , it might work for you, good luck. Butch B.


I preferr to stay anonymous. But, what happened to my toe is I stubbed it on a friend’s shoe and apparently didn’t clean it well enough that night or the subsequent nights…. Tonight while in the bath my toenail, which had been discolored- I had suspected it may be a fungus, came off completely! It looks very much like fungus and everyone I’ve talked to says it is, including doctors. Luckily, I got medicine for it already because my significant other recently had similar issue… also where it could have come from or vise versa… anyways, i hope these pictures will help you and that they are clear enough for you. Thank you very much and good luck!
Sincerely, Me.

Thanks, Me, take care of yourself!


original message

sent February 27 09

using zinc 15%,

from D.

Thanks for sending this photo. It is quite different than the other fungus we have seen.



Check these critters out! from A.M., DuBois, PA 15801 USA

Thanks, A.M., you sent in very good photos. Unfortunately we can not show some of the photos that are sent in because they are too blurry (movement) or out-of-focus. Yours are excellent. Good luck with them. Click photos to enlarge.



Athlete’s Feet
Here is an example of athlete’s foot – this is NOT toenail fungus. Warning! If you have a squeamish stomach, this photo may make you unwell. View the larger version AT YOUR OWN JUDGMENT AND PERIL. It is in a online video of a doctor discussing a patient’s foot problem. This definitely needs some care. Take care of your feet and toenails! If you have a problem, get it attended to by a doctor.


Here’s a picture of my big toenail after 4 years
in the Infantry.
I highly suggest airing your feet
out as much as you can.


(click to enlarge photo)
Sept., 2008

Dear Toenail people:

Here is a photo of a thumb nail fungus which is unlike the photos you have on your site. I hope it helps you in fighting nail fungus.

From David P, Sept. 2008




Here is a couple of photos that you might be interested in putting on your fungus website. I’m not sure whether these are fungus or damage from an accident? Thnx for the info. (Click to enlarge)

Hi, – These are the toes of my elderly father. I was shocked. Although he’s had toenails like this for a long, long time, because of his dementia, he forgets to cut them. I assume this is toenail fungus??? Looks like it.






Do you think this is toenail fungus? See attached image. I have been trying to get rid of this for a wile, recently I clipped the top of nail damaged on left with nail clipper. It looks a lot better….but want to remove it forever, and first need to diagnose. It does not hurt. Just looks bad. I do have athletes foot which i am currently treating with cream. thx, Max (click photo to enlarge) ==============================

I’m sure someone has already written in that melanoma in toenails looks like a black streak, getting larger with time. Things go down hill from there. I was concerned after looking at part of the photos. Hope its just fungus.

here are three photos my toenail.I am taking a tablet a day to get rid of it. Ive been on them now now three or four months and the toe nail is now getting painful when I wear my shoes. Mrs. J. B.


I am sending you my photos of my hands and feet, because I want people with fungus to be happier with their diseases and thank to God when they see mine! Fungus has beaten me because after my child was born my fungus went very bad that nothing worked for it. So I gave up, no hope to wear sandals, or shake hands with anyone anymore. I hope it won’t spread to my baby. I am so depressed. Sorry for this!
(Click to see larger images of the fungus)




This is the same toe. Its the only toe affected badly at this time. I also have hammer toe and had an ulceration that took the wound center to cure.
I do not have diabetes.

Regards, A.P., Las Cruces NM

Sent in July 2007 by email. thanks.











Definitely a dark toenail…! Compare to the larger photo showing all the other toenails, which have not been infected.

Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not kidding.

Sent in by RB, USA



Added September, 2007:

Generally poor-condition toe nails, on both feet.. Note little small nail on person’s right foot (right-hand photo)



I have an eleven-year-old nephew whom I believe has nail fungus both on his finger and toe nails. He has consulted a doctor who has prescribed some vitamin tablets, soap and a couple of other similar products. My nephew has been using these products for nearly nine months with no obvious recovery.

I am sending the photos of his finger and toe nails, please have look at these photos and let me know if I am right about the fungal infections and whether you can recommend a suitable product to end his agony.
Sent in by BB in USA. Added August 2007. Thank you.
Click on the photos for larger versions of the whole hand and foot.


Here is an example of my toe nail fungus.
I have a great deal of thickening of the nail, but not
as much discoloration as others that I’ve seen.
Photo #1.83

Sent in by PK from USA.
Click the photo on the right side for a larger photo enlargement.

Send in your photos today!

“I just sent in a photo of my foot with my big toe as the focal point. For about a year now I’ve had trouble with my nail hardening and discoloring. I’m not sure, but I’m assuming it’s a fungal infection. My nails are very hard to trim and I have to somewhat “dig” at them when I get an ingrown nail. As I was doing this 2 days ago, I actually lifted my big toe nail up, at which point I slowly pulled it away from the nail bed. this caused much bleeding. Not very much pain until I had to detach it from the skin at the bottom. I guess those nerve endings were torn apart. At first I experienced a lot of bleeding, but then after letting it dry out it seems to be drying and trying to heal. I will send another pic of the nail before it began drying out. It’s starting to itch, and the area is very tender. But hopefully I’m on my way to a healthier toenail. Sent in by: H. Photos #1.84 and #1.85


“I cannot believe this is MY toe! Anyway, here is my picture. I am using the tea tree oil method. We’ll see how it goes. My toenail looked pretty normal with just a yellowish spot on it & it was very thick. When I filed it down to thin it for the treatment….this is what I got!!! Argh!
Have a good day!” Sent in by S.G., thanks. Click to enlarge.

Photo 1.86

Hi I’m Patrick from the UK, 41 year old male ! I had just removed 3/4 of my toenail which had been dead for quite a while to discover a rather nasty looking remains underneath just before this photo was taken, I’m treating with tea-tree oil now, unfortunately I have to wear steel toe caps at work so that’s rather a damp environment! ask if you’d like up-dates!! cheers, Pat Click photo to enlarge>>>


Photo 1

this looks like it is getting cured Photo2

Photo 3 Photo 3a-nail disintegration

The worst fungus we have seen – so far.

Photo 4 Photo 5

unfortunately, fingernail fungus is common, and more difficult to hide.
6 7


Diet may have played a role in these
unhealthy looking skin and nails.
910 11 Sent in by Anonymous from Wisconsin, USA.

More fungus pictures…

12 13

14 Just a down-home kinda fellow. 15

16.This photo was taken right after I clipped away the dead crumbly nail & then started a soak in Hydrogen Peroxide for 15 minutes and ended with tea tree oil. Sent in by SM, thanks.

How to take good toenail fungus pictures: It’s difficult to take toe pictures and have them be in good focus – sorry we can not show them if they are too-far-out-of-focus, and we have distressingly discarded some that were sent to us. Most digital cameras today have good close-up capabilities (usually shown as a ‘flower’), and the advantage of using digital is that you can instantly see the photo and if it is blurry, you can take another. We suggest taking 5 all at once, pick the best two, and discard the rest. If you have a digital camera without a close-up lens, hold the camera about 3 feet away from your toe fungus and use the highest resolution setting on your digital camera. If you have a regular film camera, get as close as you can with the lens you have. The usual closest you can get to take good toenail photos on a cheap camera is about 3-1/2 feet (1 meter). Use the flash if you are not super close, or alternately get over next to a bright window, or outside in the daylight. The picture can always be cropped (we can do that). We can accept photo sizes up to 5 to 6 MB by email. We would really appreciate more photos of toenail fungus. Send yours over, thank you.