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These toenail fungus photos were sent in to us to add to our collection, for all to see and compare with what you have yourself. There are even some tips thrown in there, too. Real personal experiences.

If you have any fungus pictures to add please send to us. You can get credit for it, or we can leave your name off (the default is no name unless permission granted). Thanks to the many people who have sent in their photos; the site is growing! See the bottom of this page on how to add yours. If they aren’t very clear, I can not publish them – who wants blurry photos? Click some of the photos to see larger versions. All are copyright. Click on most pictures to see a larger picture.

…your photo could be here! Send it in today, thank you.

We have many people sending in their photos of fungus. Here are the latest ones, in no particular order. If you have some good quality pictures, please send them to us, thank you.

I’m not entirely sure if I have a toenail fungus, but it sure appears that way!
I dropped the pointed end of a a heavy pair of scissors directly onto it and I thought the white spot that formed shortly after was just trauma to the nail. But it’s getting larger and not growing out- this seems to be the only nail affected (the dark bits on my other nails are little shreds of ancient black nail polish that didn’t get removed entirely. There is also an old clear coat on them which I’m going to remove asap…I noticed it makes my nails yellow).

Note damage to third nail.

There is no odor or discomfort. It doesn’t seem thicker or more ragged . Maybe cracked a little? it started from the center of my nail, not any of the edges or corners.
The photos were taken the same night, one with a flash and one without. I dont have any experience with fungus, and any thoughts or identification or advice would be very appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Sent Dec. 2016.


Sent in September, 2016 with the note: “Now I’m getting sores all around my toe”

Left foot big toe fungus

Left foot big toe fungus

Sent in September, 2016, with no notes. Is this toenail fungus?

Is this fungus or just a damaged nail?

Is this fungus or just a damaged nail?

“Had this fungus for 25 years since I was in the USMC. Suspect I picked it up there. It is really starting to hurt now. Starting the Lamisil again. Been on it twice before but it would not touch this nasty nail. I will also try the Vics Vapo rub and will let ya’ll know what shakes out.”

From Australia. Smoker. Thinking if this is what happens when u smoke. Need help on how to cure it before colour starts to form. Please help. PK


My toe had fungus but the nail came off and now they are just dried what can I do or use? M.R.

Examples of NOT toenail fungus – these are from getting a finger jammed in a doorway…

This is a good example of what is NOT toenail Fungus – I banged my finger in a door, and got a nasty bruise that lasted for months, (until it grew out). I will send the “after” photos in a few months (I hope it gets better!!) Sure hope you can use these photos, it’s a story. My God did it hurt! Patrick H. Ohio USA.


NOT toenail fungus photos – later on, when the nail has grown “out”—

And here are photos of later on, when it had grown out more:

Hi, My name is Zac and for the last 6 months at east, I have had the hard growth under my nail. I think I stubbed my toe really bad and after that is when I noticed it. Being a young male I thought cutting my nail back would get rid of it. This didn’t help and the nail just grew back over time. It was always sore, had a yellow patch on it and it would drop little white flakey bits.

Last night I just had enough and I cut my nail off as much as I could and tried to scrape this thing out with the end of the nail clippers. When I woke up this morning my foot is so sore and I can barely walk on it. I went to a local chemist and they would not give me anything to clear it up because its all open. Now I have to wait at least a month for the nail to grow back and then I can start this treatment.

I guess I just wrote this in the hope you would make people aware of what NOT to do!

Hi, thought I would send in pictures of my

white-trimmed toenails. No, I did not paint these, I think there is some disease going on. Do you have any ideas? I haven’t ever seen photos of this type of thing. Thanks very much, K.

HEy, I know this isn’t a very good photo , but this is all I have for a camera. Hope you can see that my nail is really really bad, I’m afraid to go to the doctor about it. It is sore as ever, maybe I should see a doctor, so I can wear sandals again! Seems like it’s not getting better, help me. S.D.





I have some fungus on my fingers, usually keep gloves on to hide the embarrassment. My sister who is a nurse says it is really hard to get rid of. Hope this helps someone. D. Brown







Subject: moccasin pictures read below the pictures please 3 Photos coming 2 of nails, 1 of heel

This has to be the MOST disgusting thing I have ever encountered in my 52 years !! My right foot had been taking on a very reddish/blue coloring around the outer ankle for a very long time.. No one could figure out what was causing that. About a year later, my toe nails became very yellowish and extremely brittle, just crumbling like dust and I noticed they were beyond extra thick. At the same time my foot started swelling, getting more bluish/red and the soles of my feet and up around the edges felt like my skin was stretching there and burning like on fire ! I thought the skin was going to rip apart. I went to my GP who said I needed a fungal cream and she gave me Ketoconazole 2 % and wants to see me in one month.. Will this ever go away ? It is nasty and seems pretty resilient to the other otc remedies I had tried. Its as though this was festering in my body and then just exploded out of control !! Walshy


Is this toenail Fungus? EDITOR: It appears to be a banged toe, but if in doubt, visit your doctor.





I had a bad fungus infection on all 10 of my toenails and tried all the home remedies, many of which did not work. This is what worked. First, take your bath or shower or wash your feet in the A.M., which will soften up the nails. Then remove as much of the nail as you can, clip them as short as possible with nail clippers and file and scrape away as much of the surface as you can. Wipe them off with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Next smear a dab of Vicks Vaporub on each nail and spread it all around. Then, holding your foot over the tub, (or go outside), pour on table salt from the box and let it stick to the Vicks. Shake off the excess, put your socks on carefully so as not to rub off the salt and Vicks, put on your shoes and go about your day. Do this EVERY morning, the clipping and sraping part can be done once a week as the infected nail begins to crumble. There is no way to repair infected nail tissue; it must be removed. The uninfected, healthy nail will begin to grow out as the Vicks and salt continues to kill the fungus. My nails grow slowly and it takes a long time to begin to see it as it grows from underneath the cuticle, but eventually you can see the healthy nail. This method is effective, very cheap and very easy. No drugs to harm the liver, no expensive doctor visits or expensive products, and takes only a minute a day. The only down side is there is no fast fix, it takes forever for new nails to grow. Another tip, if you live near the ocean, swimming or wading in the ocean also helps. Also doesn’t hurt to soak your feet in vinigar (any kind) when you have time. And to also treat your feet for Athlete’s foot if you have that.

I need help my nail fell off and now it grows back but its not stuck on the bed of it it grows back completely white and loose off the bed . ?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately your picture was such poor quality and blurry, could you send it again, but with a better photograph? Thanks you. (another one “Sent from my IPhone”)

Here are (three) pictures of my toenail fungus. I have tried everything from vapo rub and vinegar to listerine and over the counter ointments. Nothing works. I do not want to take oral medication so I have decided to try laser treatment. I have created a Facebook account to track my progress. It is called Laser Treatment. I will be updating it on a monthly basis tracking my progress. I will be getting the treatment in two days.

I have no particular reason to do this – I am not affiliated with any type of product or treatment – I just want to share a cure if it works. Wish me luck.

From Missy, another photo that we almost didn’t print because it is very poor quality. If you are sending in photos, please take clear, sharp, detailed pictures! We can handle images up to 5 MB.






Dear Sir…

For information please I am sending my left foot finger picture..






Email me at I sent you the recent attachments of my problem they are 8 photos please contact me at 55555 asap thank you=I sent you several pics of what um going through can you please help me.


I am a 63 years old Indian female living in India. I have problems with my toe nails of the big toe on both feet. They have hickend sop much that I cannot cut them with nail cutter. They have also been discolored.

I have been taking medicines for Fungus on toes but to no avail. can you please help?

A picture of my both toes is attached. The right foot toe is worse.

Thank you,



This has been on my face for 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve tried Lamisil. The rash just slowly moves around my face. It seems determined to get to the other side of my mouth. Lamisil 1x daily. Even recommends on the box. Is there something stronger I can take or is there something I need to know about my rash that me and my docter need to discuss? (By the way my dr is Dr. Perry who can be reached at the following #55555555. I han be contacted directly at 55555555. You should know that I am forwading the same e-mail to Dr. Perry’s office.



I get my feet procured.. take care of myself… and took. my expensive nail polish off after 1 month ( dark colored) and for first time on my life have an infected nail! I need something topical…cannot use oral antibiotics or pills. this is gross…I know better to reapply polish…but i’m fighting myself not to…just to cover it up :(I. C.
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Yes I would like to have credit for this. I’ve had these toenail fungus for over 15 years! I tried Lamisil (The Pill) but only 30 days worth through the VA and they went away but they came back. I received another prescription through the VA and this time 60 days worth. This picture is almost 30 days into the prescription and at least they do not itch! toe jam photos

Daniel Carroll
Owner / President


Would you know of a company who would like to purchase my videos of 5 months progress of taking Lamisil? Here are some pics from 1 month to end my toe nails are great…I have a video for every month as well as pics.
It works :).


EDITOR: Try contacting Lamisil people, they may be interested. Many thanks for sharing this with us at !

I am pretty sure this is fungus. But my toenail is almost completely separated from the skin. Will it
just fall off and grow back better?

E.B. In Brooklyn.

Here is a picture of my thumb nail fungus. What do you think? photo is next:

Sandals – how to hide toenail fungus when wearing sandals – put some nail polish on and liven things up!
Jean from Texas.

Saw this statue in Italy, of some saint, and thought you might like to add it to your site. The nails look pretty rough, perhaps there is a little fungus amongst the toe nails? LOL. The big toe has had a difficult life lately – this is an example of filing the nail down too much? (more LOL). Just thought you might need a little laughter in your life — enjoy!!!!

I have hope of opening my own salon someday and wonder when does a salon turn someone away. For instance my aunt has a fungus infection for 5 yrs and refuses to see a dr. and goes to get pedicures every 3 weeks to hide them. Can my salon be held liable in any way if I do them or if I refuse service? R.H.

I have had fungus for many years. This is the worst toenail fungus; the others are not as bad.



I am sorry that i never took any pictures.

My big toenail on my left foot was all most ready to come off when I started spraying it with Lysol Disinfectent. It is nearly 100% reattached now. I also use it to spray in the cold air return furnace pipes to kill mold spores. Thanks for letting me post my results. Carleton

It is a good idea to check out your favorite nail salon’s
sterilization practices before getting any nail work done especially
pedicures as the water/foot spa bays harbour fungi spores as well as non sterilized utensils for clipping, filing, and scrubbing that pass on fungi from feet to feet, nails to nails.

Sent from B’s cell

Hello, My name is Josh. I have toenail fungus I’m pretty sure. I’m 16 years old, and I cannot tell if the fungus is inside the actual toenail, or under it. I have used clippers a lot, cut the nail pretty low, it doesn’t hurt, and at the low that it is, it probably SHOULD be hurting. I can leave it alone for a long time, and the nail won’t grow back the same way. Also, the toenail seems to be thicker than it should be. I don’t know if that’s because of the fungus or what. Anyway, I can’t really go out and buy things, so what household products, or what steps can I take to solve this? I will include pictures. Also, I have very dry, itchy, scaly skin between my last two toes on the same foot. I think it might also be athlete’s foot? These are recently take, sorry i couldn’t attach them to the last.

Hi Y’all!
I’ve had the toenail fungus plague for 20 years. I’ve tried alot of
things with not much success. BUT:
My nails were at their worst, extremely thick, sore and loose. I was
sure I was going to loose at least one nail in the very near future.
I had to clean the bathtub one day and I use both feet to do the
scrubbing. I thought I did not want the cleanser to touch my infected awful
toes. I got my clear plastic shoe storage box without the lid, which I usually use in the shower with me, filled it with water and a little dish
detergent as always, to put my foot in to protect it from the abrasive cleanser.
So I was scrubbing away with “Comet with Bleach Disinfectant Cleanser”.
I was doing the sides of the shower along with the bathtub, so there was
a lot of scrubbing to be done. I was noticing that a bit of cleanser was
getting into my water but was too tired to dump it out. I just wanted to
finish the job.
My foot had been soaking in the water for at least an hour when I was done. When I got out of the shower and water bucket I noticed that the red
inflammation in skin just below the nail was gone! The toe actually felt
better! I thought I’ll try that again. One short sprinkle of the cleanser in my foot bath….
It is working nicely for me. It has been 2 weeks now of me doing this, and my toes are remarkably better!!!! After all the ugliness, comments and embarrassment, Comet Cleanser seems to be doing the job on my stubborn nail fungus!

Wanted 2
share with you,


this is really worst it’s very awful. I have it for the past two years.. please advice me how to cure ..thanks.. Jaylyn


Boy is this gross! I have no idea what to do about it…can’t find a reliable cure, and hoping to get some help on your website :/ (Click for larger image of photo)

I USED to wear acrylic nails on my big toes. As of 2months ago I’m officially done with that. Well I decided to 2months ago that I was sick of wearing acrylics and I only had it on my left big toe because I had bumped it on tha bed leg and it broke so here it is 2months ago from today. So back to me pulling the acrylic off, when I pulled the nail off it took my nail too. So one month ago I noticed pain in the joints of that toe, it felt as if I needed to crack my bone but it did not work. Now I’ve noticed that I have lost some sensation n that toe. When I touch the vain that’s going through that toe it feels tingly like I have 1thousand needs in it. I just went to the Doctor today 10/14/08 and my doctor had no answer….she have e no clue what’s wrong. She sent me to do an X-Ray like my toe was broken(idiot) lol. I can honestly say I believe It’s a toe fungus. I’ll be going to a foot specialist next week. If anyone have any ideas plz feel free to email me and let me knw if you have an idea what’s wrong () I have to get rid of this crap.
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I have lived with this ugly, ugly toe nail fungus since I was a young, young boy, it is very embarrassing at that time and even now. It’s just on my two big toes. I can’t even wear sandals as I pray that I can without the embarrassment. Because of the toenail fungus it has prevented me from me from doing so many things as a child and even now as I am 46. It took one time of going to the beach with my mom when I was young an someone commented on them and said it look like I had pebbles glues to my to toenail, that was it. As I got older an had medical insurance I had them removed because they were hurting and my young son would always step or stand on them, but unfortunately the darn things grew back after the same as I left them. I am so embarrassed still to this day that I won’t even let my wife or family see my toenails also because my ex-wife had a rude comment about them saying “I certainly hope our baby won’t have your toenails”, I make sure that I put socks on right away now. I won’t even let my grandson see them, make me depressed an sad because I want normal toenail to be proud of, to go to the beach, cruise ship, go barefooted etc. I’ve tried “Antimicrobial Nail Solution” an don’t work ( but I guess you have to be on it for a long time) now currently I go an hide an file my toenails down with a regular file, hurts sometimes, because I get close to the nail bed, I even tried fake toenails but you can’t get these woman’s nails to look real like a toenail. PLEASE SOMEBODY GIVE ME A FORESURE CURE. My picture show my nails that have been filed down! 🙁


I’ve been suffering with toe nail fungus for 9 years. I recently started soaking my toes in warm vinegar for 20-30 minutes, after, I scrape off the white residue that surrounds the cuticle and under the nail. When it dries I apply Tea tree oil, that I bought from a local Walgreens. I wish I took a before picture, because although my toe nails my still look bad, they were much worse than any picture I’ve seen so far. My left pinky toe has improved the most and in seeing that I am more dedicated in continuing my home treatment. All my toe nail’s were dark yellow and standing straight up while both my big toe nails were at least 1/2 inch thick and round.

California *embarrassed*


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