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These toenail fungus photos were sent in to us to add to our collection, for all to see and compare with what you have yourself. If you have any fungus pictures to add please send to us. You can get credit for it, or we can leave your name off (the default is no name unless permission granted). Thanks to the many people who have sent in their photos; the site is growing! See the bottom of this page on how to add yours. If they aren’t very clear, I can not publish them – who wants blurry photos? Click some of the photos to see larger versions. All are copyright.

…your photo could be here! Send it in today, thank you.

We have many people sending in their photos of fungus. Here are some submitted by a Foot Service company; you get the idea – these photos show toes that are worth working on.

Jeff sends in “My toenail Fungus” (mostly on the big toe) not very clear photo:


Some writers tell of different methods they use: Subject: toenail fungus The beer soaks do work, but you must be patient and persistent. I evidentially had a bad case of toenail fungus. I used this method daily for about six months. I saw initial results in about a month. I now have a healthy toenail! Susan.


Another fungus story, no photos this time:

no foto. just a story. i had it. doctors at kaiser prescribed the internal med. but about that time, about 2 years ago, dean edel reported on his radio show, a danish study which had a small N, he didn’t say how many. But treatment was topical, local, and the success was one hundred percent. It took the usual 4 to 6 months. the meds are 1) urea cream, 40 percent solution, Rx., and 2) ciclopirox 8 percent solution., also Rx. they are applied together, and protected each day by a bandage or rubber glove finger.

I had it bad. left and right big toes were black and raised up from all the stuff pushing under it. After a month it was getting better, after 3 months was almost completely clear, and after four months, totally. i kept it up for 2 months more, oh, yeah, no side effects.

will s., san francisco


Story from Latz:
I have had nail fungus for over 30 years. I have tried everything and I mean everything except tea tree oil. I have had short term success but when it returns it returns with a vengeance. I use a small razor blade scraper to get off the necrotic debris. But basically I have given up.

Thanks for your site.

Editor: Thanks, Latz, but the quality is so poor we could only use one of the four you sent in, and we tried to make it better. It is possible to see the fungus, but please send in photos that show the fungus clearly!


My mom-in-law has this fungus & we are researching treatment. She is 93 & lives with us. What can be used in the laundry as a disinfectant to prevent spread to other garments, or is that necessary?

Thank you, Lisa


The attached file are pictures of my toenails. I have dealt with this fungus for many years and am willing to do anything to get rid of this fungus.
Mr. Carl Y., Clarksville TN


Your pictures tell my story and my long time suffering. If you could put my story on your website that would be wonderful.

My study of toe and finger nails fungus is very extensive as I was afflicted with this fungus for more than 20 years. I tried every doctor’s medication and every over the counter remedy I could find. The medications and products tried over the years are countless. All ten toenails were infected and in a very sick state. I feared that I will never be cured of this infection, until one day I read in the Alive Magazine an advertising of natural way to stop ONYCHOMYCOSIS. I ordered the remedy and now after one year of applying the paste I am free of the infection and my toenails are all grown back, decease free and beautiful again. My gratitude goes to Emery’s Health Products for his Finger and Toe Nail Tonic – located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for your consideration.
Tina Nyary


Yes I learned some but what about when you have a client with toe fungus does it contaminate nail polish. Just learning more about sanitation.


Just read over your site. I have had toenail fungus for 10 years. I have been on anti fungal medication under a doctor’s supervision and still have the fungus. It is only on one big toenail. I have also tried all of the home rememdies possible. My toenail has never looked awful like the pictures on your site. It looks very normal but just isnt attached to the toenail bed. I continue to use home rememdies to keep it in decent shape. It never grows back attached. Can the toenail be injured due to the fungus and never grow back attached?? Can it be something internal? I guess this is a lifelong problem for me.
Always looking for new ideas….Debbie, Florida.


Thank you for the site. I looked at the pics b/c this is the first time I ever had the white line at the side. Please don’t get rid of the pics.

I used to get the yellowish kind. I could get them to grow out by soaking only the infected toe in bleach and removing nailpolish and getting sun on my feet. It would grow out. However, this white one has been the hardest to get rid of. In fact, I can’t get rid of it. I tried tea tree oil – not sure that works at all.

1. I always get a fungus when I wear polish for more than a week or so..

2. Soaking only the infected toe in bleach helped me

3. DO NOT try to dig the crud out. It only spreads it. You do want to make sure it is clean of dirt, but you will not get the fungus out this way.

4. My father had the thick yellow kind on his thumbnail alll my life. I’d see him digging at it, but that didn’t work. (proooof?)

5. The best thing I ever used was an oral RX “Nystatin”. Women tend to have lots of undiagnosed fungi – not only on the toe – (as we all know) so a homeopathic doc prescribed the Nystatin for four months. It was not expensive, I had no problems from it that I noticed. My toenails got beautiful again. Then, I put polish and boom, this new white stuff.

6. Does anybody know about the white stuff?

7. always clean your manicure sets with alcohol.

8. I’m starting to think I should throw all my polish away to start fresh after I’ve had an infection. To always use a clear base coat.

9. The bleach always could keep it at bay. I was glad to know that I NEED to treat it. I’m going back on nystatin if my doc ok’s.

Cyber-Hugs and best wishes to all,



Hi, I’m not sure exactly if my condition is fungal

But only on my BIG TOE thumbnails, there’s like lint that accumulates on the side edges of the nail
It can get really smelly.

I have always had this since a kid, but never really took it seriously.
I always had a problem with ingrown toenails, so maybe that kind of triggers the lint things?

Please help me out!

Thanks! Robert


Here are some pics of my Big toe nails. Over the years they have gotten increasingly worse.
These pics are about a week after having them scraped at the doctors to send away for testing.
They tell me the test takes up to 4 weeks to get results.
They look 100% on what they did prior to the scraping.

What do you think????

Thank you,
Zac Smith

You can credit me as Abbie.

I put text on my picture. I think that’s everything you need to know. I’ve been using Curanail. The topical treatment you can buy over the counter at a pharmacy. None of this harmful liver stuff! I was told at doctors that I was way past topical treatment and had to go for the pills. No way. I chose the topical regardless. And it seems to be helping. My toenails (I have it on both big toes. My right toe is pictured as it was the worst) are definitely better than they use to be!
Please post my picture.
Thank you!


I wonder if you have heard about this…I thought it would be nice to have perfect looking toenails so I had porcelain fake nails put on. One day, my big toenail just peel completely off with the porcelain attached. I was mortified and immediately soaked all the rest off. To my dismay, the manicurist had drilled my nails down to nothing. I now have a much worse problem. 4 of my toenails are beyond ruined and I doubt they will ever grow back. Now what? I am so sad, so heartbroken.



I want you to put these ‘after photos of my toenails next to the photos I have sent you before.

Ones in the seventh rank in the first photos page. .You will see a big difference. Since august I am using vinegar, bleach and peroxide as soak and drops.

And in September I started Lamisil pills once a day, liver enzyme control every month.

Then in October I added fungoid tincture and tineacide. I am using ped egg once a week to remove calluses of my feet. You see difference. I am not depressed now. My hand nails are much slower to be cured because I have to put nail polish everyday -because I am a doctor, and working with my hands and patients would not like a doctor with nails looking dirty-

But I am very hopeful and I will get rid of them soon. I got much of this progress with vinegar, bleach and peroxide, the others are only helping.

Hope this will help people. Thanks.



My toenail fungus is just getting worse! Here is a photo to show you. Walshy

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How to take good toenail fungus pictures: It’s difficult to take toe pictures and have them be in good focus – sorry we can not show them if they are too-far-out-of-focus, and we have distressingly discarded some that were sent to us. Most digital cameras today have good close-up capabilities (usually shown as a ‘flower’), and the advantage of using digital is that you can instantly see the photo and if it is blurry, you can take another. We suggest taking 5 all at once, pick the best two, and discard the rest. If you have a digital camera without a close-up lens, hold the camera about 3 feet away from your toe fungus and use the highest resolution setting on your digital camera. If you have a regular film camera, get as close as you can with the lens you have. The usual closest you can get to take good toenail photos on a cheap camera is about 3-1/2 feet (1 meter). Use the flash if you are not super close, or alternately get over next to a bright window, or outside in the daylight. The picture can always be cropped (we can do that). We can accept photo sizes up to 5 to 6 MB by email. We would really appreciate more photos of toenail fungus. Send yours over, thank you.