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These photos were sent in to us to add to our collection. If you have any fungus pictures to add please send to us. You can get credit for it, or we can leave your name off. Many people see this site and they compare what they have to what they see on this site. Your pictures will be appreciated by many.

Thought your readers would like some more fungus photos, I have had it for a few years and tried different products out all to not much success. Anyway, here’s to you and thanks very much for putting a reliable site together without trying to sell something. It’s a refreshing change from the sell, sell, sell. Much Appreciated. Susan from Idaho, USA June 2009

Thanks, Susan, it’s always nice to be complimented!

sent in by Tom H, Oklahoma
Looks crusty!

17 …sent in anonymously from New York, USA


I have not yet made a serious effort to get rid of this. I think I will try something less radical like tea tree oil and a file first (before resorting to Lamisil). Thanks for the site. It has been very helpful. A.


Taken from a 3-photo shoot of improvement…


Your photo could be here



Your web page is very informative. Here are 3 photos of my toes, all 10 are infected. The attached file are pictures of my toenails. I have dealt with this fungus for many years and am willing to do anything to get rid of this fungus.

Mr. C. Y., Clarksville TN 37042 (click to enlarge)

List of common fungus photo and picture searches if you have any photos like these mentioned below, we would LOVE to have them on this website!

  • photo fungating wounds
  • photo of fungal balls
  • photo of fungal skin pigmentation — SEND THESE
  • photos of baby rash is and fungus on their arms
  • photos of healing fungal toenails — VIDEOS TOO.
  • photos of rotting fungal toenails
  • photos of white toenail fungus — USUALLY THE COLOR IS YELLOWISH
  • picture of yellow fungus scalp
  • pictures of brown fingernail fungus — USUALLY THE COLOR IS YELLOWISH
  • pictures of fingernail fungus
  • pictures of fungal skin rash
  • pictures of fungus on toenails — YES, THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT
  • pictures of green toenails fungus
  • pictures of rabbit foot fungus
  • pictures of white fungus of the face
  • pictures toenail fungus from pedicure — PLEASE SEND THESE IF YOU HAVE!

End of toenail fungus pictures – photos – please send in yours today!

Toenail Fungus Pictures 1 Photos 2

How to take good toenail fungus pictures: It’s difficult to take toe pictures and have them be in good focus – sorry we can not show them if they are too-far-out-of-focus, and we have distressingly discarded some that were sent to us. Most digital cameras today have good close-up capabilities (usually shown as a ‘flower’), and the advantage of using digital is that you can instantly see the photo and if it is blurry, you can take another. We suggest taking 5 all at once, pick the best two, and discard the rest. If you have a digital camera without a close-up lens, hold the camera about 3 feet away from your toe fungus and use the highest resolution setting on your digital camera.

If you have a regular film camera, get as close as you can with the lens you have. The usual closest you can get to take good toenail photos on a cheap camera is about 3-1/2 feet (1 meter). Use the flash if you are not super close, or alternately get over next to a bright window, or outside in the daylight. The picture can always be cropped (we can do that). We can accept photo sizes up to 5 to 6 MB by email. We would really appreciate more photos of toenail fungus. Send yours over, thank you.