The Zetaclear Secret

The Secret of Zetaclear

Not too long ago, I was looking at what seemed to be toenail fungus on three toes on my right foot, so I had it checked by my doctor and he confirmed it was nail fungus. He suggested I first try the over-the-counter preparations, before trying the heavy-duty, low-success-rate prescription drugs.

So I went looking for a fungus cure, looked at some  products in my local grocery stores and pharmacy / drug stores, and was not impressed with what I found there. So I searched online (is it a common belief that buying online is cheaper than through a physical store? Does the added cost of lighting, heat, rent, etc. add to the prices when buying in a store? …I will write about that another time…)

So I went online, looked at many, many websites, read articles and conversations, and decided to try out the ZetaClear. It had a reasonable return policy, but all the companies do (I figure they have to, to stay in business) so I figured, what the heck, I can at least get my money back if it doesn’t work after a fair trial period.

What surprised me, and is the secret of Zetaclear is that my order not only came with the Zetaclear bottle, but also, another bottle of 1 fluid ounce of a ‘Oral Homeopathic Spray”. I don’t remember seeing that advertised on their site. Maybe I was just blind to it, and maybe I was too involved with trying to figure out whether to buy just one bottle of the stuff or two, and get another one for free. Now that’s a deal! So that is what I went for. Bought two bottles, and got the third for free. UPDATE August 2017: Just found out that Zetaclear FDA Approved to prevent the growth and reproduction of fungus by inhibiting the growth of fungus cells. That is reassuring!

Again, though, the secret comes through – I got three extra bottles – of the Zetaclear Homeopathic Spray! So in all, my order came through with six bottles in the box! That was way more than I thought I was going to get, so I was happily surprised. It lifted my sprits actually, and I thought more positive about beating the fungus, now that I had some seemingly powerful allies!

And reading the label on the homeopathic spray, I found out who actually manufactures Zetaclear, it is a company in California, which is good to see that they are using a “local” USA source.

I think that is just great, going at the disease in two different ways. Actually, I go after it in three ways, them being

  1. Externally, using the Zetaclear liquid drops
  2. Physically, using my ultra sharp toenail scissors to keep the nails short (trimming them about every 10 days), and
  3. Internally, using the Zetaclear Homeopathic spray.

So I am presently battling my fungus with several methods, and will hopefully post more as the cure progresses. (if you want to see the updates, use the subscribe on the left-hand side, and you can get an email when updates, new photos, etc. are uploaded to this website)

Here is the link I used: ZetaClear Fungus Treatment



The ingredients of the Homeopathic spray:
Antimonium Curdum 200C: Used to treat painful sensibility of the skin under the nails, and slow growth of the nails themselves. Also treats horny growths on and under the nails and discoloration.
Arsenicum Album 200C: Used to treat discolored nails, as well as skin conditions and warts.
Mancinella 30C: From the milk of the Caribbean manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) mancinella is effective against bluish discoloration of fingernails and burning, tingling and dryness in soles of feet.
Nitricum Acidum 30C: Also used to treat chilblains, Nitricum relieves cramp-like pains, stinging or shooting pains, burning, pressure, and soreness. Also effective in treating profuse sweating of hands and feet, rough skin on hands and white spots on nails.
Sulphur 12X: Has antiseptic and antipsoric (anti-itch) poperties. Used for centuries to treat various fevers and illnesses, Sulphur has also been used for nail ulcers, swelling and inflammation of points of fingers, painful corns, and hot, itchy feet.
Thuja Occidentalis 200C (Arbor Vitæ): Useful in reducing warts, hangnails, brittle, soft or crumbling nails, and chilblains on toes.
Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified water.



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