Third Toe Trauma 1

Third toe has damage.

I’m not entirely sure if I have a toenail fungus, but it sure appears that way!
I dropped the pointed end of a a heavy pair of scissors directly onto it and I thought the white spot that formed shortly after was just trauma to the nail. But it’s getting larger and not growing out- this seems to be the only nail affected (the dark bits on my other nails are little shreds of ancient black nail polish that didn’t get removed entirely. There is also an old clear coat on them which I’m going to remove asap…I noticed it makes my nails yellow).

Note damage to third nail.

There is no odor or discomfort. It doesn’t seem thicker or more ragged . Maybe cracked a little? it started from the center of my nail, not any of the edges or corners.
The photos were taken the same night, one with a flash and one without. I dont have any experience with fungus, and any thoughts or identification or advice would be very appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Sent Dec. 2016.

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